Advice for California Homebuyers Looking to Relocate to Texas

It comes as no surprise that as many California residents look to relocate out of state, Texas is at the top of the list for prospective moves. In recent years, there has been a massive increase in the number of homebuyers from California looking to relocate away from the high income tax and cost of living that comes with living in the golden state, into states and cities that offer many of the same benefits and lifestyle. For those who call central Texas home, it makes sense why the Austin/Lakeway area would be one of the most popular locations in which people are moving to. 

In a 2020 report published by Texas Realtors, the number of people who moved to Texas from California increased 36% from 2018. With good reason, too --the average home cost in Texas is $207,301 compared to California’s $554,886. 

For many in the tech industry, the Austin area has become a new, lower-cost Silicon Valley, even being coined by some as “Silicon Hills” as many of the most prominent tech giants have opened up campuses in town, creating thousands of high-paying jobs. Austin is also home to many startup companies and universities, offering plenty of opportunities and possibilities for individuals and companies interested in moving to the area. 

Beyond the financial and business incentives, central Texas is also a great place to live for families. The weather stays temperate year round, there is gorgeous nature, access to lakes and hikes, as well as great educational opportunities both in the award-winning Lake Travis ISD public schools and in higher education. The sense of community here is strong, and the outdoor-centric lifestyle will keep children active and entertained no matter the season.  

Choosing a city, area, neighborhood and community to call home when moving from out of state can provide unique challenges, but in a time where almost all real estate is being handled virtually and remotely, there are plenty of opportunities and resources available to assist you in making the right decision. From virtual tours to individual consultations with real estate agents and local builders, we can assure you that you will be in capable and caring hands to help you find your dream home in this central Texas oasis. 

Another benefit that comes with relocating to the area is the opportunity to build your own house. Serene Hills has a limited amount of lots still available for development, so if you move quickly, you can claim one and work with our amazing builders (or one of your own) to create your dream home. Many of our properties have amazing views of the surrounding hills, offering you a stellar sunrise and sunset nearly every day to remind you what a great decision it was to make the move to this serene escape. 

Whether you are looking to relocate within the Austin/Lakeway community, or are coming to the area from outside of town, we at Serene Hills welcome you home and offer you the opportunity to consider life in the Hill Country. In this serene escape, the sense of peace and community is natural.

Serene Hills is a boutique community, offering easy access to Austin's premier golf courses and resorts, access to Lakeway's exemplary school district and surrounding protected environment areas ensure long-term property value. Browse a list of our current available homes or contact a builder to inquire about custom-built homes and find your dream home today!

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