At Home with Kids? Ways to Keep Your Child Entertained During Quarantine

This spring, to keep our families and our communities safe from spreading Coronavirus, we are spending more and more time in the house.   

As schools in Lakeway and Serene Hills are closed for the year, parents are faced with helping educate their children, playing a more hands-on role in facilitating learning than they’ve ever had to before. This can create a challenge to keep children interested and stimulated while doing their learning outside of the classroom, as well as during the hours spent at home while they’re not working on school assignments. 

Here at Serene Hills, we wanted to provide parents with a list of ways to keep children entertained, happy and healthy during this unprecedented time. Here is a list of things you can do with your children to keep their minds and bodies active this spring. 

  • Have a set schedule and limit to screentime

Time Magazine suggests that the best way to manage unlimited time at home with kids is to stick to a predictable schedule day in and day out, which includes time specifically allotted for screens. By having a schedule and limited time set aside for screens, it can be something a child can look forward to rather than depend on. 

  • Taking walks and getting outdoors 

Regulations are changing daily regarding what capacities the government recommends we leave the house. However, there are ways to safely enjoy the outdoors and get fresh air. Go on walks in the neighborhood, play in the yard, create sidewalk chalk art that will brighten up the street--whatever it may be the bottom line is the importance of getting fresh air and getting moving! 

At Serene Hills there are plenty of hike and bike trails around the neighborhood that make for great scenery during your daily walks. Check out our Outdoors page to learn more about featured trails

  • Virtual playdates and game nights 

Technology like FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangouts make it possible to stay in touch and connect with friends no matter where they are! Set up a game night or playdate with class friends or family members.  

  • Cooking as a family

The age of your children will determine how much they will be able to contribute, however no matter how old they are there are ways they can help and get involved in meal time preparation. Cooking offers a great way to teach your kids important skills in the kitchen and provides a fun activity for the entire family to work together. 

  • Start a garden!

As spring is now in full swing, it’s an amazing time to begin gardening as a family. With sunshine and great temperatures, April marks a prime window for plants to thrive before the summer months hit. Being at home on quarantine allows for the opportunity to dedicate time to maintaining and caring for a garden, as well as a great excuse to spend time outside with the kids. Homes at Serene Hills are set on large lots, that allow for ample space to build a wonderful garden while maintaining plenty of space for the kids to run around in the yard. 

  • Go on a Virtual Field Trip

Many museums, not only in Texas but worldwide, are offering resources and virtual tours that allow you to visit museums online no matter your location for free! The Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the American Museum of Natural History among many others are offering virtual tours and other resources to experience the museum from home. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore and learn more about culture, art and science with children without having to leave the house. 

  • The Thinkery at Home 

While this Austin Children’s museum is closed for the time being, they are putting out on their website different activities and resources to do at home with children, that primarily use objects most will already have around the house, minimizing additional trips to the store. They have a site specially for “Thinkery at Home”, with all of their activities and events here:

  • Box experiences for kids 

Many companies offer delivered activity boxes, which are not only a treat as something delivered and to be opened for a child, but offer instructions and everything needed for activities that will entertain children as well as educate them. Many come on a subscription basis - for a small investment, there’s a ton of excitement and fresh activities planned for you in these boxes for kids of all ages. See a couple of options below. 

  • Reading together

Being home during the day is a great way to build the habit of reading. By setting aside time daily to read with children, parents are able to encourage a love for reading that will last beyond this period of sheltering in place.  While the Austin Public Library may be closed for the time being, virtual resources can be accessed 24/7 through their website. The Lake Travis Library is also holding events and offering helpful resources during this time.

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