Benefits of Purchasing a Home in the Fall

With the fall season in full swing, most people put the idea of purchasing a home in the back of their minds. Here at Serene Hills, we want to remind you of the benefits of purchasing a home in the fall, especially a home in Serene Hills. 

First of all, with the fall season being a slower time for the real estate industry there is less competition when bidding on a house. Usually, people are competing neck and neck during peak buying time, leaving most bidders unhappy with the results. 

Finding your dream home and losing it to someone else can put a complete halt on your home-buying process. When you put a bid on your dream Serene Hills home during the fall, you are more likely to see your dream become reality. 

Another reason we believe buying a home in the fall is beneficial is that there is a greater selection of homes that stay on the market longer. During the peak buying season, homes can fly off the market in a matter of hours. This can leave you frustrated because you don’t have enough time to go visit the home before it is gone. The fall season usually allows for homes to stay on the market longer, giving you more time to make a decision on what home truly fits your needs. 

The last reason buying a home in the fall is a smart move is there can be certain tax breaks. Closing on a home in the fall season can give you the opportunity to deduct certain expenses on your tax returns, such as property taxes and mortgage loan interest. When you close on a home in November or December you can file these tax deductions in the spring allowing you to shave off excess tax dollars. 

At Serene Hills, we have a selection of only large-scale lots (1/3 to 2+ acre lots with minimum 80 front feet) with no street-facing garages and luxury homes starting in the $600's. Serene Hills is a boutique community, offering easy access to Austin's premier golf courses and resorts, access to Lakeway's exemplary school district and surrounding protected environment areas ensure long-term property value. Browse a list of our current available homes or contact a builder to inquire about custom-built homes and find your dream home today! 

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