New Businesses Coming to Lakeway this Fall

The greater Austin area is booming at an exponential rate, increasing by 19 percent from 2010 to 2016 according to the Census Bureau. As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, the boom in population also means new opportunities for businesses, shops and more to relocate and bring commerce to Lakeway. Numerous developments are underway, but these two are the ones local residents should be aware of as they prepare for work, school and Labor Day. 

Lakeway Town Center

Residents know Lakeway Town Center for its various shops and activities. Serene Hills locals should expect some additional events and stores thanks to these three additions.

1. Wild Bird Center of Lakeway

Austin residents Laura Hopkins and Gary Cobb’s Wild Bird Center opens mid-August. The store caters to the “backyard birder” and sells birdhouses, feeders, baths and seeds. Hopkins and Cobb recommend birding as a way to relieve stress and discover the birds of the Hill Country.

2. Hill Country Cakery

Tammy Waxler’s wedding cakes, bread and baked goods are so popular with Lakeway residents that she’s opening a brick-and-mortar store. Her shop, Hill Country Cakery, moves into the Lakeway Town Center this summer.

3. Hops and Thyme

Hops and Thyme, a new beer garden set to open here in Lakeway this September, will offer local and non-local brews on the menu. The garden will also feature short ribs and baked goods from Hill Country Cakery.

Lakeway Road Construction

Road construction seems to be the new normal across the city of Austin. Lakeway, Bee Caves and surrounding areas are no exception. Residents should be aware of the following three construction zones. Some should be completed this month (or already finished) while others are only getting started.

1. Flint Rock Road

Flint Rock Road was scheduled for completion at the end of July. It should be finished, but residents may see still construction crews out and about completing last-minute details or staging future work on Lohmans Spur. Residents should take extra care on Flint Rock Road. The new intersection at Flint Rock Trace is completed with dedicated turn lanes, wider lanes and asphalt shoulders. 

2. Lohmans Spur Road

Construction on Lohmans Spur Road is projected for completion in December 2018. The road will be extended to accommodate the new Lakeway police station, raised as a critical need by local law enforcement in its strategic plan for the 2018 year.

3. Bee Caves Road

Bee Caves and Lakeway residents shouldn’t expect construction on Bee Caves Road to end any time soon. Two sections of Bee Cave Road are undergoing transformation from two-lane roadways to four-lane ones. The construction project also includes storm drains, left-turn lanes and signal lights. Engineers expect the construction to be finished in summer 2019.

What developments have you seen in the Serene Hills and Lakeway areas that locals should know about? Let us know on our Facebook page here!

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