9 Back-to-School Tips for Serene Hills Parents

With Serene Hills spanning 456 acres, including a natural park, miles of hike and bike trails, and access to the Exemplary Lake Travis ISD, it’s no wonder Texas families have made their move to the Hill Country. And with the new school year just around the corner, now’s the time to make your move, too. 

To help parents prep for the new school year, we put together a list of 9 helpful back-to-school tips.

  1. Get all the checkups. Schools require specific immunizations, so it’s wise to schedule an appointment with the family physician during the summer to get a head start on the process. The medical office will check immunization records and make sure kids have the necessary shots before heading to school. Also remember to schedule dentist and optometrist appointments. Getting to school with a toothache or not being able to see assignments or math equations on the board is never a fun way to start the school year. Finally, turn in updated records to the school administration so that kids will be allowed to enter the school building on the first day of class.
  2. Ask about allergy policies. Not all schools maintain the same allergy policies, so ask about them before sending a kid with a peanut or gluten allergy to school.
  3. Practice good hygiene. Kids can play outside all summer long and not catch a whiff of a cold, but set them loose in a classroom and colds and flu become the common denominator. Help them stay healthy with good hand-washing and hygiene practices.
  4. Visit the school. Even if kids return to the same school this year, they may be housed in new classrooms. Help them acclimate to the new semester by visiting the school and touring the classrooms with a schedule in hand before the school year.
  5. Get to know the teacher. It pays to meet the teacher before classes start. It reveals how the teacher manages the classroom and how he or she might affect the student. If your child needs a gifted-and-talented program, it will be good to talk this through with their teacher prior to the semester.
  6. Build friendships. If a kid is shy or nervous about going to school, find out which neighborhood kids will be in his or her class. Giving the kid a “buddy” before school starts will make the first day that much easier.
  7. Re-establish routines. To help kids be “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” reinstate both bedtimes and morning alarms about a week before school starts. The time period helps reset their body clocks and sleep rhythms.
  8. Stock up on supplies. Send kids to school with all the pencils, erasable pens and Kleenex they’ll need. Let them get involved with the purchasing, too. Doing so creates anticipation about using a new lunchbox or showing off a backpack to friends.
  9. Buy a heavy-duty backpack. Since kids don’t usually get lockers anymore, make sure they have a backpack that can hold up to the weight of books. Also look for ones with extra-wide straps so that the hefty backpacks don’t hurt kids’ shoulders and spines.

Meal prep. Eating healthy takes preparation, but it’s well worth the extra energy both kids and parents will feel. Buying healthy snacks and developing a weekly meal plan, even organizing meals for the week on Sunday, will make hectic mornings more manageable.

Spread a little joy and stay organized with these 9 tips for Serene Hills parents. Want to stay up to date with the latest at Serene Hills? Sign up for our newsletter and get in the know.

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